Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So far, I think I've been holding up ok. Knowing Spencer is having fun at school definitely helps to ease my mind. And each day when I pick him up they hand over a detailed slip with info about his day: when he napped, when they changed a diaper, how much he ate, etc. This morning Spencer decided to get up around 5:30 so we put him back down for a short nap when he was done eating so we could get another hour of sleep as well. This meant that by the time we drove to school, he was well-fed, well-rested and very playful! I was a little bummed that his altered sleep schedule cut our playtime short at home, but he'll have fun there too. He was smiling and giggling like such a goon when I left him to head for the office.

It definitely feels more natural for me to work from the office instead of at home right now. Yesterday I worked from home for the day while Spencer was at school and it was a bit lonely. It was strange because Spencer has been my constant companion at home since his arrival, and it was odd to not have him there with me. I had been hoping that Spencer's milk intake during the day would match what I would be able to pump during that same time, and have been eagerly looking forward to eliminating the middle of the night pump. But after seeing that he ate 20 ounces yesterday (and my production was not even close to that during our 8 hours apart) it looks like I will have to continue waking myself up to meet his needs. Perhaps things will even out once he starts sleeping more through the new sights and sounds at school. Right now I just keep trying my best to keep up with the little man.

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