Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I think I would have to call Monday a pretty darn good day, if you can say that about a Monday. I know all of the trips Spencer and I made to his school last week (all four of them!) were invaluable in helping me to get adjusted to the idea of leaving him there for the day. Spencer really needed no adjustment, I called over twice during the day and each time was told how much fun he was having. After being in tears so much last week, yesterday I was able to not cry. I worked from the office in the morning and pumped once there, and worked from home in the afternoon and pumped a second time from here. After finishing my final scheduled call around 4:15, I left the house to pick up Spencer. He was awake and fairly content, and it felt so good to hold the little guy after a whole day apart! He showed his delight with the situation back at the house by pooping (hadn't gone since Saturday night) and it was a big one! I wonder if we will settle into a new routine of only pooping 2-3 times a week...

At night I was able to head out for March's mommy's night out dinner as we said goodbye to Lisa before she moved to Ohio. It felt good to have support from other mommies, and I was proud to pass around the brag book of Spencer photos I put together at shutterfly.com. I felt even better to receive a text message from Jim during the evening to learn that Spencer had been good and settled down nicely after his bath. Although being too tired can sometimes backfire with babies, he went to sleep and stayed down for the night. Hopefully he won't get up too early in the morning tomorrow.

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