Monday, March 08, 2004

It felt like we got to catch up with old pals with the return of The Sopranos last night. A quick check on the website confirmed that Janice's wedding ring comment did indeed reference that she and Bobby and gotten married during the show's hiatus.

As far as socializing with real people, we've been trying to get out more with Spencer, while at the same time preserving his new routine. Friday evening we went out to Fuddruckers w/ Heath & Kim & Chloe, then raced home to get Spencer his bath at 7:30. He was out nicely by 9:00, but the damn neighbor's dog woke him up at 10:00 and we had to start the bedtime routine over again. On Saturday we had a table at the ADPi convention, but I was only able to attend for a couple of hours in between nursing sessions. Spencer and I ventured to the mall in the afternoon to pick up the JC Penney photos. The (bad) girl offered us a discount on future sittings if we scheduled an appointment right then. I just told her I'd check my calendar and get back to her. Not anytime soon, that's for sure.

Yesterday morning we joined Katie (on her birthday!) and many others for breakfast at Beck's Prime in Memorial Park. It was an absolutely spectacular day as we sat outside right next to the golf course. Spencer fussed terribly when we first arrived, but quieted down and drifted off for a nap in his stroller (a gift from some of the girls there - Katie, Bonnie & Kimberley) parked next to the white noise of a fountain. We enjoyed being able to show off the little man, and as everyone commented, he really looks so much more like a little boy than a baby. Overall, it was a great morning.

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