Sunday, March 07, 2004

Spencer pooped on Friday, and as anticipated, it was a bit of an event. When I picked him up from school on Friday afternoon and noticed that he was wearing different clothes than he had been dropped off in, I knew right away that the deed had been done. Poor Ms. Karen had been holding him and feeding him at the time of the blowout which earned Spencer a quick hosedown in the sink. "we've learned that wipes just don't cut it for this kind of mess," she commented as she handed me his outfit in a double plastic bag. I apologized (what else could I do?) and assured them I would bring more replacement clothes on Monday. More than the diaper escapades, they were very worried I would be upset that Spencer had scratched himself on his cheek. Mostly they were worried I would think they hadn't been looking out for him and that the scratch had come from another infant. A quick look at his nails told me I was overdue for clipping them, which isn't as awful a task as I had always thought it might be.

On this past week's episode of Queer Eye, I thought it was cool that Thom selected our sofa for the straight guy's apartment makeover.

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